Facebook launches messenger for kids amidst criticisms by experts

Facebook recently launched its messenger service for kids under the age of 13 in Canada amidst criticisms and words of protest. The text and video messaging app have been released even when child advocates have warned that kids are not suited to use social media at such a tender age. Continue reading Facebook launches messenger for kids amidst criticisms by experts

How Canada Can Fix Its Social Concerns

Being the most advanced western society never means that there are no social issues in Canada. However, there is a solution to every issue and therefore Canada can also fix the current social issues very effectively. Living in Canada is still a boon as the social issues here are nothing as compared to third world countries. Proper skills and training are required to resolve the social issues in Canada. These are very complex in nature and therefore need proper attention. Continue reading How Canada Can Fix Its Social Concerns

Social Issues in Canada

Canada is considered to be one of the most advanced societies of the west. It does not mean that the social issues are not latched to it. There are certain issues which Canadians face till today and that are why it has been the top agenda of the political parties trying to win power in the elections. The fact of the matter is that there are some social issues about which a common Canadian is yet to decide to stand for or against. Continue reading Social Issues in Canada

Canadian Social Organizations

The number of social issues in Canada is on rising. It is because there are some issues which are yet to be decided. A common Canadian needs proper recognition as a Canadian. All pseudo cultures are not only negated by the communities all over the country but they have also refused to take American stance in everyday life. The USA is considered to be the most powerful country and the largest economy in the world. Continue reading Canadian Social Organizations