Resource Guide on Public Engagement

NCDD Resource Guide on Public Engagement is now available in PDF Format!

Resource Guide on Public EngagementThe Resource Guide showcases National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation's best work (like the Core Principles for Public Engagement and the Engagement Streams Framework) and also recognizes a lot of the great work that has been done by others in our field.

"This guide, all by itself, will be worth the price of admission. Just sorting through all the material available is a huge task and you've done a great job of synthesizing and choosing the most valuable."

"Although I don't consider myself a Luddite, I have to admit, I really like having all the basics, examples, references, and helpfulness in one printable source, with no need for clicks."

"Packed with a huge amount of data, it doesn't appear overwhelming and is very well organized. You make me proud to be in the field!"


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