D&D Evaluation Project

woman with clipboardThe C2D2 community is hosting a national conversation about evaluating dialogue and deliberation. The goal of this effort is to strengthen practice through more work on evaluation. Activities to date include:

So far, some key areas of discussion have explored:

  • Good evaluation practice means considering and incorporating evaluation from the beginning of the project.
  • Quantitative and qualitative methods are equally valued.
  • Evaluation should include a learning focus, as understood by multiple perspectives
  • Evaluation includes consideration of the context and of the model of action/change the deliberation and dialogue process is embedded in. For example, it is often challenging to evaluate long term impacts
  • Evaluation is not values-free.
  • Evaluation should uphold (or at least not run contrary to) the principles of D&D in its design and implementation. In particular, participants should be involved in the evaulation process.
  • The needs of project sponsors and the D&D field should be considered in designing evaluation.
  • Results of the evaluation should be publically shared, when possible, especially when there are "failures" to learn from
  • Comparability across evaulations would be useful - can our community develop a set of basic common indicators?

Want to get involved? We hoped you'd say that! Email us at infoatc2d2 [dot] ca and we'll be in touch about the next opportunity to contribute.